Samsung Galaxy Watch

Yes, this not a smart watch on Android Wear, it operates on Samsung’s own OS called Tizen. I think Samsung likes Android a lot, but you should always have a plan B and Tizen OS is their OS that can be used probably on smartphones in case something goes wrong on relationship with Google.

Samsung Galaxy Watch is an amazing device. You can find it in 2 different sizes 46mm and 42mm. There is a men and women version of the watch. It perfectly works together with Samsung smartphones, but also compatible with any Android base device. Samsung was one of the first who started to produce smart watches and since then a lot of improvement done. You can find detailed review of Samsung Watch if you need, here I am providing you with core points for your consideration:

RAM: 768MB (1.5GB for LTE model)

Memory: 4GB internal storage

Design: Stylish, great for a sport and for smart look

Screen: Amazing Samsung AMOLED display

Quality: Decent quality

OS: Tizen 4.0, works fine with Android OS

Battery: In normal usage you can optimize it and have almost 4 full days.

Waterproof: Yes

Pros: All what is mentioned above. It is a powerful device. The best “android” smart watch available on the market!

Cons: Probably battery life can be better, however this is probably best autonomy that you can find for that kind of smart watch.

Price range: $329.99 – $349.99

Where to buy? Check it out here

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro

Ticwatch Pro is the company’s most premium product that runs on the Wear OS operating system, and is equipped with dual screens and smart technologies to increase battery life.

When sharing both displays, the information of one does not overlap the information of the other. In this mode, all watch functions are also as accessible, comfortable and effective. Activate the Ticwatch Pro secret weapon called Essential Mode by opening the app drawer and clicking on the Essential Mode app. Wear OS then turns off and you are left with an LCD screen. Thus, the Ticwatch Pro battery will last 30 days with a full charge, but also transition between the two modes is good for extending the battery life to four days. That sounds good knowing that battery life is one of the most important points of smart watches.


Memory: 4GB

Design: Stylish, great for a sport and for smart look

Screen: Dual [AMOLED + FSTN LCD] 1.39″ displays

Quality: Decent quality

OS: Wear OS

Battery: 2-30 days depends on usage. 415 mAh; magnetic four-pin charger

Waterproof: Yes (IP68)

Pros: Long battery life, stylish view, interesting idea of two displays. Good specs.

Cons: Not much to say. If compare to galaxy watch question is only difference between Tizen and Wear OS.

Samsung works harder on their own OS, so for now they are half step above Wear OS.

Price range: about $300

Where to buy? Check it out here

Huawei GT2 watch

Huawei Watch GT 2 is one of the most expensive smart watches on the market today. The device has a high-quality assembly and design; It comes in two sizes. The GT 2 also has interchangeable wristbands and combines the functions of a fitness tracker and a mini smartphone in one device.

Apart from the special model of smart watches released in partnership with Porsche, the Watch GT 2 is the fourth in a row with Huawei over the past five years. Last year, the company released the Watch GT, but first time not based on Wear OS. Huawei seems to have made the decision by starting to install its own operating system on smart watches (like Samsung).

The GT 2 smartwatch is compatible with devices based on Android 4.4 / iOS 9 or later. They can interact with the smartphone through the Huawei Health app, but this also requires Huawei’s mobile services to be installed on the phone. The GT 2 is one of the most elegant smartwatches on the market. Huawei has covered the front panel of the 46-mm model with 3D glass – this is the first time in the smartwatch of this company. It should be noted that Huawei has developed two watch sizes: 46 mm in diameter and 42 mm for different sizes of wrists.

As mentioned above, Huawei installed its own OS on Watch GT 2. There is no application store in smart watches, so it remains to use those that were previously installed by the Chinese company. In addition to sports and fitness applications, there are also such tools as a compass, barometer, flashlight, music player, timer and weather forecast.

Last year’s Watch GT autonomy was quite impressive, from one to two weeks without recharging. The 46 mm GT2 model got a battery capacity of 455 mAh, the lighter version has 215 mAh. Huawei said that the autonomy of the latter is a maximum of one week, and that of the first is two weeks. In reality, it takes less than two weeks, about 9 days, but it is very good result for smart watch. Samsung Galaxy watch can be named as a competitor to GT2, but on autonomy it can stay only about 3 days without recharging. Difference on that component between these two watches is impressive.

As a result I can say the following: Watch GT 2 is a beautiful, functional and sophisticated smart watch. However, software does not allow you to rely on them completely.


Memory: 4GB

Design: Stylish, great for a sport and for smart look

Screen: AMOLED

Quality: Great quality

OS: Lite OS

Battery: 1 – 2 weeks depends on the model (455/215 mAh battery)

Waterproof: Yes (IP68)

Pros: Very long battery life, stylish view, good specs.

Cons: Lite OS, no application store, not cheap.

Price range: about $300

Where to buy? Check it out here

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