Let’s talk a bit what smart watches are offering to us, so you may decide if you need to buy one for yourself. Technologies are improving every day, things that are available today probably 15 years ago would not be easily imagined. Watch was part of the accessories for men and women for many years main function was quite simple to show the time, later on it became also part of the jewelry. Now, things are changing, of course classical watches will be still in big demand for the years, but one can say that smart watches sooner or later will take the lead and we already observe how big classical watches manufactures producing their own smart watches.

There are a lot of differences between smartwatch and classical watch. In terms of functionality there is a big gap, smartwatch has so many to offer and more is coming. For me that is the main factor why smartwatch should take a lead in the nearest future. Functionality offered to you, make things happen quicker, decisions taking faster and that saves your time. As we all know time is the money and that advantage weight a lot. In the meantime downside of the smartwatch is the autonomy (at least for now). We have batteries that need to be charged at least couple of times per week. If we compare it to usual watch there is a big gap and on that case classical watches are winning. In the meantime technology progress is there, battery life on smartwatches are improving and quite soon we will have to think about charging our devices much less than now.

Now, let’s have a look what type of advantages you get by buying smartwatch. Obviously, depending on what kind of smartwatch you buy, it will offer different experience, but here we are going to take a general look.

Mainly, all smartwatches are working on operating systems:

Android Wear

Most smart watches work under control of that OS. This is a special Android system adapted for working on watches; it is installed on gadgets of different companies. The OS is constantly updated, improving performance and adding new features. At the moment, watches with Android Wear can be synchronized even with smartphones from Apple.


Samsung’s own OS. All smartwatches produced by Samsung are working on that OS. In the meantime, these watches can be easily synchronized with all Android smartphones.

Garmin OS

It is clear from the name of the OS, that it is used on all Gamin devices.

There are more systems, but we have named main OS that are very popular and have very advanced performance

Main functionality of Smartwatches.

  • Sleep monitoring – modern watches can track your sleep: they determine the phases of fast and slow sleep, remember when you fall asleep and wake up, save information to your smartphone and analyze the quality of sleep, simultaneously throwing up recommendations for changing the mode of the day.
  • Movement monitoring – will be useful to those who walk or run a lot. The watch saves the route you have traveled and considers its length.
  • Smart alarm clock – differs from the usual one in that it does not tear at full volume at the declared time, but wakes up its owner with light vibrations on the wrist according to the plan, or it determines when it is better to start the awakening in the interval of the set time.
  • Contactless payments – a technology that is increasingly used in different countries to make payments. A special NFC chip is installed in the watch, which is connected to your smartphone, which, in turn, contains the payment details of your bank card. Now you do not have to carry a wallet with you, just put your wrist with a watch to the reader in the store and payment will be made.
  • Voice control – you don’t even need to get a smartphone out of your pocket – you can just talk to your watch, giving them the necessary commands to send SMS, launch the necessary applications and much more.
  • Vibration alert is a convenient way to receive alerts from your smartphone in silent mode, also used for smart alarms.
  • Playback control – allows you to easily control the music in your smartphone using the watch. Switch songs, select playlists, and change volume.


Modern smart watches are rich with a variety of sensors that make them so attractive to buy.

G-sensor – a gravity sensor that allows you to determine the position of the clock and, accordingly, turn the image on the screen in the right direction.

Accelerometer – will take your steps. He tells the device the position of the clock and determines the speed of movement.

A magnetometer is simply a compass. Useful for outings in the forest and other types of wild tourism.

Barometer – tells you about possible weather changes.

The altimeter is a height sensor, indispensable for parachuting. However, in this case it is better to give preference to a separate device or to choose a really expensive watch model with a high-quality sensor.

Heart rate monitor – useful for intense training and for people who worry about the work of their heart. If in cheap devices the accuracy of measuring the pulse is very arbitrary, then in expensive devices everything is in order.

Light sensor – will automatically adjust the brightness of the display to the ambient light.


In modern watches, many types of displays are used, most popular are:

LCD An old but reliable technology that formed the basis of other types of modern displays. Inexpensive, has many varieties, so it is found in most devices on the market.

OLED. They are considered one of the best in the production of smart watches and smartphones. OLED screens consume much less power due to the lack of back light. They are lighter, thinner than LCD. There are varieties of AMOLED and Super AMOLED, the image on which is even better due to the presence of an active matrix of special thin-layer transistors.

Screens can be also touch-sensitive in this case, no mechanical buttons need on the device, and control can be carried out by simple touches to the display. If the watch supports multi-touch, then the device is able to understand more than one touch for additional gestures and convenient access to all functions of the gadget.


Bluetooth is an old but effective wireless technology for the interaction of two devices. It operates in a radius of 10 meters, not the highest data transfer rate, but for smart watches, large volumes are not required.

Wi-Fi is another wireless interface that allows you to transfer large amounts of data at high speed. It requires connection to a special distribution point, which can be the router or the smartphone itself.

NFC is a highly specialized technology operating at a distance of up to 10 cm. It allows you to pay at special terminals and work with different security sensors. The data transfer speed is low, but nothing else is required of it. But you can configure your smartphone so that the screen lock can only be removed if the phone is next to your smart watch.

USB and micro USB – a standard high-speed interface that allows you to connect the clock to a computer, including for charging the device.

Smartwatch protection

Watches should be not only smart, but also strong. They must withstand all hardships, hardships and weather conditions. Protection classes are indicated by indices in which the first digit indicates the dust protection class (from 0 to 6), the second – from water (from 0 to 8):

IP54 – the watch is protected from a limited amount of dust and can withstand accidental splashes of water;

IP56 – protected from dust and can withstand a stream of high pressure water from any direction;

IP57 – protected from a limited amount of dust, with them you can dive to a depth of 1 meter (for ducks in the bathroom);

IP65 – full protection against dust and protection against low pressure water jets from any direction;

IP67 – full protection against dust, with the watch you can dive to a depth of 1 meter;

IP68 – full protection against dust, withstand long-term immersion in water.


The number of smartwatch models on sale is large. Choose the device according to your needs.

If you need it for sport and want to get a stylish watch, choose fitness bracelets or watches with a beautiful design like Garmin.

If you are too lazy to go into your pocket for a smartphone to answer a call or read SMS, a smart watch with a standard set of functions, a touch color display and the ability to install additional applications is suitable.

If you are looking for solidity, choose an expensive stylish smart watch that is packed with all main functions, including all the amenities and various interfaces.


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    Thank you for the awesome blog! I have been in the market for a smart watch for my wife, for Christmas! I am glad to come across this, and will use it as a future reference! My wife is looking for a good sports smartwatch.

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    This article was so much fun to read! I love the concept of a smartwatch. My son has a Google watch. As for me, I have to continually remind myself that I don’t need one. Still, they are awesome, and my birthday is in January. *cough* 😉

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    Great post. I’ve been meaning to get me one of these smart watches. Thanks for sharing this post. Informative.

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