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Hi everyone, welcome to my website named Android Gadget. I was always the one who were interested in all innovations. When got my first PC (early 90s) that was my passion. I was spending a lot of time trying to understand how does that magic machine work. I am from ex-USSR, at that region to have PC on early 90s was something unusual. Since then, I was chained to the technologies, trying to be always up to date what is happening around me. I was not alone on that, a lot of my friends were doing the same and we had kind of competition who has the best PC. We were saving some money and buying upgrades for our computers. New video card or additional RAM was always our dream, as we wanted to boost power of our PCs.

Much later, while doing my MBA I have started to work in big oil company and in 2009 moved to western Europe. I was following all innovation despite quite hard full time job and spending my evenings in alternative world. Probably the fact that I was always interested in something new pushed me to buy my first android device. That were the times when everyone was switching from blackberry to IPhone. For some reason I was not one of these people. I just didn’t buy too fancy approach of Apple and decided to give a try to Android. Well, since then, I had only Android phone and tablets etc. It has been almost 10 years that I am using Android devices and happy with that.



My goal here is to help people to understand what they are going to buy. I have been on that situation so many times. I know how its difficult to get real and simple understanding of products that you are looking to buy. There are plenty reviews that people can find on internet, but they are missing real user experience.

I want to give people some feedback based on my personal experience and knowledge.



My goal here is share with people an information about interesting and innovative devices based on android platform.

My goal is to make sure that people, after reading my website, will by product that they really need.

The goal of that website is to provide people with accurate up to date information on Android devices.

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